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Reaching new milestones for the treatment and diagnosis of lung diseases - Danube Private University Research Project LungCare 

The LungCare project, approved by the EU in the HORIZON-MSCA-2022-SE-01 program, is developing diverse technological tools and nanomedicine-based formulations ranging from the development of nano-formulation for inhaling drugs into the lung to treat acute pneumonia to POC formats for Tuberculosis (TB) and sensors for lung cancer.

The LungCare team,is an international, interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral consortium,of leading scientists and specialists striving to tackle problems surrounding lung diseases such as pneumonia, pulmonary tuberculosis and cancer.

The Danube Private University is proud of its involvement in this project and the instrumental roles of Prof. Dr. Christoph Kleber, Prof. Dr. Sabine Szunerits , Prof. Dr. Winfried Neuhaus, Dr. Jakub Dostalek, Dr. Hannes Dörfler, Dr. Juan Alleretto, Prof. Dr. Ralf Braun and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Knoll.

Project partners include CNRS (France, project leader), Universidad Nacional de La Plata (ARG), Boğaziçi University (TR), Linxens (FR), e-DiagMetrics (AUT), Gisens Biotech (ARG), RS Research (TU) as well as Lectinotext (UA)

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