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Clean Air

The current Covid 19 pandemic has reached more and more regions, countries and tens of thousands of patients every day worldwide.

Strategies and countermeasures to address the current Covid 19 virus pandemic and other threatening pandemics urgently need to be developed. One way to reduce infection rates is to reduce and eliminate airborne viruses. This is especially critical indoors, as many infections during the current pandemic are caused by high viral loads indoors. A virus is usually transmitted by particles, free floating  and/or aerosols, and inactivation of airborne pathogens will reduce the viral load indoors.


The CleanAir project therefore relates to the application of an innovative technology from Villinger - an electrokinetic system with spatially extended electrode design for air decontamination by inactivating pathogens. This unique technology has already been tested in prototypes for powerful decontamination of air without the production of harmful by-products such as ozone, NOx or free radicals.


Clean Air
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