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Dipl.-Ing. Vivien Madi


Vivien Madi received her master's degree from the Vienna University of Technology in Chemistry and Technology of Materials.

Her extensive training in materials chemistry and interest in pioneering applied research led her to join the research group led by Dr. Johannes Bintinger, working on conductive polymer-based sensors in order to develop an electronic nose system. Her research focus is on the optimization of conductive sensor materials with respect to their physical properties. To this end, she also continuously tests the sensor materials in a real-life environment to fine-tune the sensor responses and thus manufacture a reproducible odor sensor. She is active at the LiST at Danube Private University since 2023. She is highly involved in the Hypelignum-Project, which gives her the opportunity to optimize the sensor materials also in terms of sustainability, and to envision new environmentally friendly sensor designs.  Her other research interests are doping material integration into organic semiconductor surfaces and the functionalization of graphene surfaces to achieve a selective sensor response.




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