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Dr. Erich Kny


Dr. Erich Kny obtained a PhD in Chemistry and Physics from the University of Vienna. After working as an Assistant Professor at the University of Vienna in physical Chemistry he performed a Postdoc stay at the University of Missouri, Rolla, USA in surface- and interface-science and surface analytics. When returning to Austria he decided to start a carrier in industry and joined Metallwerk Plansee in Tyrol, Austria. He worked there as a department leader for 10 years in powder metallurgy research and the application of refractory metal products in various medical and technical fields and in metallic and ceramic superconductor developments. When he left Planssee, he was the appointed overall deputy R&D leader and joined the research organisation Seibersdorf Research in lower Austria as Division head for Materials and Mechanical Engineering. Maintaining this position for 17 years he founded a new department for medical device development and a centre for surface science & electrochemistry in Wiener Neustadt as well as a centre for light metal development in Ranshofen, Upper Austria. When retiring from this position he founded his own consulting company Kemyk. He is now working as a scientific consultant for the Danube Private University in the last two years specialising in biomedical sensor development, new implant materials, and air quality management.

Dr. Erich Kny
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