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Prof. Sabine Szunerits


From Diagnostics to Nanomedicine 

Sabine Szunerits, an Austrian educated native,  received her PhD at the University of London in 1998 in the field of Electrochemistry. She completed research fellowships in the research group of Pr. Christian Amatore at ENS Paris, and Pr. David Walt at Tufts University, Boston, USA) before being appointed Professor at INPGrenoble (ranking among the best French Engineering Schools for its research) in 2004. She joined the University of Lille, notably the Institute of Electronics, Microelectronics and nanotechnology (IEMN), in 2009 as Full Professor in Chemistry and is since 2022 scientifically engaged as Head of the LiST laboratory on Diagnostics and Life Science related aspects. Dr. Szunerits’s research is very interdisciplinary and has made her the mentor of a large variety of students coming to her laboratory from different places.  It might be her additional interest in social science, with obtained MA from the Open University of London, what makes her sensitive and open to consider diversity and inclusion in research.

Prof. Sabine Szunerits

Currently she is co-Editor-of-Chief of the new RSC Open Access Journal Sensors & Diagnostic (  and  engaged as one of the editors of Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry ( )

She is also promoting ACS Sensors, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces and ACS Omega, by being one the Editorial Advisory Board Members.

Her primary research focus at DPU-LiST are on the design of ultra-sensitive 2D materials based diagnostics devices based on electrochemical and field effect transistor concepts  for the sensing of disease biomakers in exhaled breath condensate.



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